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Ways to participate

The CRIsim.summit 2022 offers five ways to join the conference: As a Participant, AST Mentor, Panelist and Expert, Observer and Keynote Speaker.

Working Together on Project



During the real-time in-person strategic simulation, you will be working in specialised Actor/state teams (ASTs): Foreign Affairs (AST Representative), Environmental Affairs, Security & Defense Affairs, Economic Affairs and Social & Humanitarian Affairs. Each AST position is specific to the actor or state you are going to represent.




AST Mentor

You are responsible for guiding the delegates of your AST through the CRIsim.summit and any obstacles in your way. We expect you to be comfortable speaking in groups, grasp complex situations, be flexible in adapting to your assigned team and most importantly, build a team to withstand the pressures of this hectic conference and make them feel at home.

Colleagues Working Together
Experts Panel



You are invited to advise and guide teams through the academic and practical knowledge infrastructures at the summit. We invite you also to join our panel discussions to provide better insight into the processes and ideas behind the scientific theory of actions in regions of crisis. 



As an observer at the summit, you have the chance to "browse", having no obligation to speak, provide expertise and provide your services to our audience. We hope to give you insight into what our talented and ambitious youth come up with in their intuitive problem solving.

Image by Charles Deluvio


Keynote Speakers 

You provide our audience with inspirational messages to strengthen and advocate the necessity of adaptation and embolden their ideas for positive change. We want to establish a trust in the way of change, that we as a society DO work in advantage of others and spread confidence that we still and will enact a positive change. 

Filming a Presentation
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