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I am a Participant

In the middle of crisis

As a participant in our crisis simulation you either play the role of an actor/state team (AST) member, where you are part of the team backing up the policy recommendations you'll be hacking out with four other members like yourself. Together you will also write crisis directives, a tool that allows you to make strategic moves during the event to further your AST's agenda.

Dont worry, you'll be in the guiding hands of a picked and trained AST mentor, who will make sure nothing is unclear and will give you unique insights through their own experience and in terms of the AST you represent!

For these four days in April, you will have the chance to peek behind the scenes and step into the shoes of the high-level actor your team is representing.

The perks of being a participant

Crisis simulation

A real-time in-person strategic crisis simulation, working in specialised delegate teams to combine aspects from a strategy game, with team building, hacking out solutions and directive strategies

Participant access

Participant access to the entire summit, which includes a city tour, the social and academic side events, reception, opening and closing ceremonies, the event platform and other partnered side-events);


Incredible speakers and panel discussions about youth participation in times of crisis, as well as crisis response in the Bay of Bengal.

Skills training

Learn soft and hard skills such as how to manage high-level stress and guilt, train negotiation tactics, navigate realistic crisis events,  explore tactical possibilities, generate directives to bring about new developments and develop policy recommendations under expert advice.


We have recruited experts in all relevant topic fields, ready to share their knowledge and assist you with finding actionable solutions to the crisis events you play a part in!


Lunch catering provided over the four days, as well as snacks, coffee and tea (and lots of oat milk sponsored by Oatly!)


Networking opportunities with other experts, renowned speakers, panellists, as well as driven and engaged students, young professionals and youth leaders from around the world.


Procedural and personal guidance by professionally trained team mentors, with specialised training just for you at this conference!

Social side-events

Such as our private movie night in the cinema of the Frisian national museum, a fun pub-quiz night in a hidden 20's theme bar under the streets of Leeuwarden and a formal gala with amazing keynote speakers, musical performances and the opportunity to get to know your fellow crisis drivers

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