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Our partnerships

In less than a year we have sent and recieved hundreds of emails about our conference. For a young project like ours, its an absolute honor to have had calls and chats with all these organisations and more - now we are proud to introduce you to our event partners!

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STEAR - Student Think Tank for European-Asian Relations

The Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR) aims to strengthen relations and deepen cultural ties between the two billion people living across Europe and Asia. Our vision is to serve as the first and leading policy institute for students and young professionals in Europe and Asia, to provide a bridge between the two continents, and to strengthen multilateral cooperation and international prosperity. Our mission is based on three foundations: policy work; cultural exchanges; and our capacity building programme.

The participating members from STEAR boasts a small group of aspiring, young individuals committed to strengthening cross-continental relations and are inspired by the opportunities of digital cooperation. They are currently volunteering to assist in the assembling of the 2nd panel discussion on the crisis region of the conference, the Bay of Bengal. The representatives are:

Global Risk Advice

Global Risk Advice has been one of the first organisations which enthused by our concept of a conference focussing on capacity building of youth participation.


“In over 400 years of Dutch academical presence the credo of “The youth has the future” has been vigorously lived up to by coaching and educating the next generations. Standing on these shoulders, every initiative from the students themselves to grow and be acquainted with the world they are being prepared for to improve, should be encouraged and supported.


CRIsim is an initiative by #students for students to let them encounter the experience of having to deal with a crisis. Experience the stress (despite it being an exercise), the politics, the rapid decision making, and of course dealing with many stakeholders.


As Global Risk Advice, we work all over the world with (I)NGOs by training, supporting, and advising them on the safety and security of their operations. This also includes that we encounter on a daily basis crises, which require adequate and rapid decisions. Just giving a taste of this in an exercise and coaching the next generation, will help them the moment they step into situations where there is a real crisis.


Our mission is to enable those who work in challenging circumstances to reach those who need it the most. And now we want to prepare those who will hopefully join our mission in the future.”

Youth Atlantic Treaty Association

Jonge Atlantici (Youth Atlantic Treaty Association The Netherlands) is a platform for students and young professionals with an interest in questions of international security and diplomacy. Our aim is to provide a platform for youths to learn and to develop themselves. To better understand the world and to know how engage with it. It is therefore with great pleasure that we support CRIsim for their 2022 conference.


We believe that practicing with realistic crisis scenarios will give a great variety of insights and skills to participants. This will benefit them in both their academic and professional careers. Next to that, we look forward to meeting CRIsim’s participants and to interact with, and learn from them.

The Young Diplomat

Description incoming...!

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