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The (first part of our) Full Story

About our vision

How well prepared will the stakeholders of the future be when it comes to tackling crisis events, withstanding evergrowing amounts of tasks and stress, building an environment that acts as a safe harbour, not to only humans, but all species. How can we better understand our interaction with the earth system and the planetary boundries?


How can we play a role in partaking in empowering youth?

These are our guiding sentiments, protecting the structure of our vision.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva


The knowledge gained summarises the detailed workings of organisation, professionalism and understanding developed to boost the perspectives of potential leaders in tomorrow's world.

Image by Jonathan Ansel Moy de Vitry


Every aspect of this event is to be made within the long-term benefit for each individual involved and participating, the community surrounding them, and the environment we benefit from.

Image by Jonathan Ansel Moy de Vitry


without a concrete understanding of each other's ideas and perceptions, we open up the risk of misconceiving the world around us, hence why we hope to utilise the networks and individual standpoints to develop new ideas in a team setting.

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