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Meet The Team

Media and Marketing

This team consists of 5 enthusiastic members, responsible for social media strategy, external advertising and production of the website. We are the faces behind Instagram and LinkedIn, while also generating content and articles regarding UCF and NCF newsletters.


The CRIsim Financing Team consists of four very engaged students aiming to create financial stability for our event to cover at least the essential expenses of our four-day summit. Our main responsibilities are creating the budget proposal for the summit and looking for suitable sponsors, contacting them and arranging agreements.

The amount of financial support we need to cover (advertising costs, merchandising, our gala location, event catering, expert accommodation and catering) add up to at least 10,000€.

Event and Logistics

Events and Logistics take care of all the organisational requirements behind our week full of fun and educational activities. The team consists of twelve motivated students which organise, the room allocation; the allocation of staff; resources for props such as sound, music and screens; lunch and drink arrangements; the final gala and its location and other events happening within the week.

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